4 signs of Addiction

Written by Johnny Mayo This past year has been rough during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have been stuck in the house, dealing with multiple problems. Sometimes sitting and dwelling on those problems can be detrimental to anyone stressed out to the limit. This stress may lead some to other avenues of escapism. After […]

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Are You Worthy of Love?

Written by Marina Blocker  My whole life I’ve been trying to prove worthy to be loved. first, it was with my parents, trying to be the most well behaved little girl. Then it was with my siblings, trying best to be the upstanding older sister by proving love for them and making sure I was […]

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5 Things to Learn When Traveling to Egypt

Written by Johnny Mayo Traveling to Egypt was a dream come true for my family and I. It was the summer of 2016. Our original plan was to travel to Athens, Greece and spend our whole two weeks of vacation exploring the ruins and eating gyros. Being tasked with finding airline tickets, after finding great […]

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5 Ways to Eliminate Depression

Written by Johnny Mayo These following 5 ways to eliminate depression really hone in on the major steps to improve your depressed state. Depression can take a toll on anyone at anytime in their life. Situations in life are completely uncontrollable at times and can make it seem as if your life is spiraling out […]

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Live to Inspire

Written by Johnny Mayo The day I wrote this blog post it was another snow filled, cold day. Just laying in bed with my first of many cups of coffee. My son came in the room and asked me to help him with an essay he was writing for his English class that he was […]

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God of Kisasi (Part 1 Comic Book Series)

Written by Johnny Mayo They say death is the beginning of life. I found that to be true the first time that bullet penetrated through skull into the cerebral cortex of my brain. The last thing I saw was darkness as my soul entered the abyss of emptiness. Before the darkness a wide range of […]

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I Can’t Handle Rejection Anymore

Written by Marina Blocker I can’t handle rejection any more so I play it safe and don’t even try to complete any sort of advancements in life. It could be that I’m depressed also. I have quite a lot of anxiety these days. I’m so traumatized by all the let downs and losses that occurred […]

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The Story of the Unwanted

Written by Johnny Mayo Lately, it seems that since the world has been afflicted with the a highly contagious virus, know as the Covid-19, we have all began to question the very essence of our lives. In ways that can be a great thing for a person to do. Being stuck in the house, looking […]

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What is black love?

Written by Johnny Mayo Ever since a child the meaning of black love was something that has been debated among many. In college, black love was always a conversation when a black couple showed affection in public with one another in the campus library during a study session. You can feel the jealousy in the […]

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