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Welcome home to my page! Please take the time to explore. Explore A Little About Self. I am not good at brief introductions, but I will give it a shot. I am a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. From my first day on this earth I have questioned everything about our existence on this planet, in this universe. Some call my thought unorthodox, though most will relate. I am college educated but my thought process existed way before that time. I hope you all find something meaningful. I am using this tool to get my ideas on page. Hope you all enjoy my blog. The ideas expressed through this blog are meant to spark you thoughts about the planet we call earth. NewIdeas main mission is the exploration of your mind. Just like the universe that surrounds us, we live everyday around unexplored territory. That territory is inside you. Your mind can take you places that no other vehicle can. We should all take the time and become masters of our own thoughts. I am on the path to accomplish this through my writings. Hopefully it sparks someone and I can have the favor returned. That is the ultimate goal. This blog also contains a store with items for your pleasure along with items for productivity. We add items to the store weekly. If you enjoy an item please feel free to hit the like button. Some of the subjects in the blog we will explore will be related to entertainment and social issues we all go through in life. This is to encourage others to participate in discussions. If you have any thoughts please feel free to post underneath the topic in which sparked your interests. Also, please take the time out and subscribe to my blog so you can be updated with newest post as soon as they are posted to the blog.

Let’s discuss some thoughts!!!

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