4 signs of Addiction

Written by Johnny Mayo

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This past year has been rough during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us have been stuck in the house, dealing with multiple problems. Sometimes sitting and dwelling on those problems can be detrimental to anyone stressed out to the limit. This stress may lead some to other avenues of escapism. After a year, you may still not know that you have an addiction,especially, if you never dealt with one before. Drug and Alcohol addictions are the typical addictions people take most serious, but there are also many other addictions that can wreak havoc on your well being. For example, sugar addiction can cause severe weight gain. Then there’s gambling and retail addiction that can destroy your finances. Some addictions are looked at in a better light but they are all addictions. There are too many addictions to mention, but awareness is the key. These 4 signs of addiction could be an indicator that you may want to reach out for resources to help you deal with your addiction.

1. Cravings

We all have cravings. A craving for sweets or a new blouse once in awhile is quite normal. If you crave that same cake and new blouse everyday it can be a problem. Same thing goes for a drugs or Alcohol. The difference is that the latter can lead to erratic behaviors due to the brain alterations caused. Nevertheless, craving something everyday is a good indicator for addiction signs.

2. Decrease in socializing

Cravings then can lead you to not wanting to socialize with others such as your friends and family. You will feel isolated and others will worry for you, but your cravings are so strong it’s all you think about. In your mind you don’t have time for them and your addiction. All the time is allocated to your one and truly love…..the addiction.

3. Dependency

Decrease in socializing can then lead to dependency. With your family and friends gone, now you created an ultimate relationship with your addiction. You will depend on it to keep you happy when your sad, to keep you energetic when you are tired. The same relationships you had with family and friends are mirrored to your addiction.

4. Signs of withdrawal

When your dependency has been established, it will be hard to break it. Just like your best friend for life or love one. When they are not around you feel like there is something missing in your life. You can’t wait till they call you. When they don’t show you the same love then you get emotional. Well signs of withdrawal from your addiction can have similarities. The most noticeable and visual is shakiness in your hands after not having it for awhile. You spend all day thinking about it, trying to find ways to get it. When you figure it out then you drop everything to get it.

Though some will have these signs of addiction. It’s not the end of the world. Your not alone about 20 million other people in just America suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. That number would bloom if it included all addictions. If your reading this article now then you have a chance to make a change. If you need assistance with a substance abuse problem, check out the links below for help.

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