5 Ways to Eliminate Depression


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Written by Johnny Mayo

These following 5 ways to eliminate depression really hone in on the major steps to improve your depressed state. Depression can take a toll on anyone at anytime in their life. Situations in life are completely uncontrollable at times and can make it seem as if your life is spiraling out of control. That in return can cause the most upbeat person to go into the deep pool of depression. Depression can stem from many issues, such as a death of a love one, Money problems, Loneliness, etc. Since the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have seen a spike in depression levels due to all of the above and the fact that no one is certain when it will be over or the lasting effects it will have on society in the long term. One thing that we can all do if we take the time out and notice that there are signs of depression, are to take certain steps to defeat this battle because it can cause havoc to the health of yourself and love ones. These 5 ways to eliminate depression will put you on the pathway to eradicating an enemy that can inflict us all at anytime.

1. Find Out Where Your Depression Stems From

Finding out where your depression came from is an important step in eliminating it. The reason this is so important is that you can try everything on this list, but it will only be a brief relief
from the underlining issue of depression. When you find the root cause of what it is and take steps to acknowledge it, you will be capable of moving forward. There are a wide variety of ways to
find this out. Most people choose to use a psychiatrist to help analyze their life. This can be a great tool because it allows someone from the outside to give opinions that are unbias towards
you, therefore making you more comfortable talking to them.

2. Talk To Anyone or Anything

Dealing with depression often leaves you in a state of loneliness. You can feel that you can’t talk to anyone or you don’t want to be a burden in someone’s life. Well go out and be a burden in someone’s life. Talk to love ones or friends about anything that comes to your mind, a game, food, or even that time you tripped over your cat. Conversations can make you forget about the state of mind your in. If you can’t find someone to talk to then talk to your pet, or the telemarketer that calls your phone every day. My mother used to talk to herself when she was depressed. She said it helped her to rationalize her life.

3. Go Outside Now

When sitting in your house, looking at the paint on the wall, you can almost feel as if you are enclosed in an almost prison like state. That can take your depression to another level. Just leaving your home can help keep your depression levels at ease. There is something about going outside and letting fresh air calm you. Almost like the world has such more to offer you and all you have to do is explore it.

4. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercise is very important on this list. The reason it is important is that it helps to get your blood flowing and makes you, overall, lively. This in return will make you more energetic and creative.
After a couple days of good exercise, where you have a healthy sweat, you will feel as if you can conquer the world. Slowly, your depression will seem like it was a thing of the past. Just taking a short hike can get your adrenaline flowing and make you appreciate what’s around you.

5. Read

Reading is said to be fundamental. During depression, reading is often neglected. Reading is important because it exercises your mind. Just like your body, your mind has a need to grow and feel alive. Just by reading articles, blogs, books, or even magazines, you can give your mind a sensation that puts you into another world. Reading about others that were in your similar situations will help to find comfort. That comfort will be key in defeating the enemy we call depression.

If you are dealing with severe depression and are in need of help. Please feel free to contact me for some referrals to assist you on getting your life back on track.




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