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Written by Johnny Mayo

The day I wrote this blog post it was another snow filled, cold day. Just laying in bed with my first of many cups of coffee. My son came in the room and asked me to help him with an essay he was writing for his English class that he was taking. Before the beginning of writing blogs, there was a time, and still is, when all my hobbies were dedicated to learning new technologies and programming languages. The obsession was noticed by my son so much that he began to learn how to program games and wanted to learn about technology so much he talked me into helping build a computer for him to use. Since then he has been in is room plotting on how to take over the world using a keyboard and mouse.

Now I have an obsession on how to create a thoughtful writing piece. He overhears me talking out loud to his mother and picks up a few ideas for his own blog. His new obsession is the same as mine. This is what came to mind when he approached me to ask for help with his essay. Admittedly, the title name came to me as a little cliché, but it fit perfectly with what these thoughts about my son were. My inspirations inspired him too. Of course a parent has to inspire their child to become something bigger than their selves. In the midst of providing that inspiration we do not get to recognize often enough due to life’s busy schedule.

Growing up, I always wanted to write stories, articles, reviews. Anything to get a voice out to people. Being quiet and a loner led to being, sort of, anti-social, so writing gave an outlet to the world. But, who inspired me to write? My parents did not write or showed interest in writings. This question wasn’t hard for to remember. Mrs. Simmons, the most influential second grade teacher. She would inspire through her words, for example; when she said, “John your a talented writer and have excellent hand writing.”  That stayed on my mind ever since. The funny thing about remembering her is that there isn’t any memory of any other teachers in elementary school. It’s hard enough time remembering the year I got married. Let’s keep that a secret though.

Thinking back to what inspiration she instilled, it was more valuable then riches. It gave confidence to succeed at anything that involved putting my thoughts on paper. Her saying that, just one time, gave the confidence to keep doing it. At that time, I never heard anyone say that I was good at anything. Words are a powerful tool to provide inspiration to others. In the Navy I recall officers that were high ranked but got almost no production out of their units. They would be replaced by another officer. This happened repeatedly like a rinse and wash cycle until a replacement came along that help improve that unit. The only difference between the officers who were replaced were their ability to inspire the individuals in the unit.


When we inspire someone, it is for a lifetime. Your name will live in that person’s mind for the rest of their lives. That in turn makes you live on forever. We should always want to be happy for someone who is inspired by you or your words. Without inspiration, would we be able to accomplish some of man’s greatest feats in life? Inspiration can fuel a generation into places unimaginable, and that should make you want to live a life of inspiration to others.

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