God of Kisasi (Part 1 Comic Book Series)

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Written by Johnny Mayo

They say death is the beginning of life. I found that to be true the first time that bullet penetrated through skull into the cerebral cortex of my brain. The last thing I saw was darkness as my soul entered the abyss of emptiness. Before the darkness a wide range of emotions filled my soul. The fear of the unknown. The sadness of seeing my mother’s eyes turn lifeless as she drifted away in a pool of blood that flowed like water out faucet from forehead caused by the evilness that plagued the earth throughout her life. Her last tear and the attempted reach out to me for that final touch I couldn’t give her. As we both laid on the cold concrete watching each other’s body turn cold and lifeless, the last words we would hear were “Stupid niggers. Burn in hell.” The final emotion was anger. The feeling of anger so deep and burning, almost like a blood thirst for revenge. The same emotions brought me back to this god forsaken wasteland of evil. Revenge is what I lust. Revenge is what I will take. Who or whatever being brought me back to life wanted me to wreak havoc on those same evils who took my mother’s life. I feast on the blood of these racists cowards until I eliminate the heads of the organization that hunted us down like dogs in the street. Before my death they called me Dwayne Jackson. Now they call me Kisasi, the African god of revenge. The first time my soul drifted back to my lifeless body I held my mother in my arms as more tears covered her body then blood. “Oh, god, please bring her back to me! Take me instead.” That is the last time I felt sadness. The last emotion that made me feel human. The bullet lodged in my head is a reminder of last moments of life before the darkness.

My only lead to tracking down members of the white supremist organization are the insignia they all have tattooed on there forearm. Before the masked killers put the last bullet in my mother’s head I could see the tattoo of a closed fist. The White Supreme organization. I spent years tracking down these scum as a civil rights lawyer. They work mostly underground but run highly publicized companies with the hopes of dominating all ethnic groups in the city under their evil racists ideologies. No one knows the true leaders of the organization but like I say, “You spill enough blood somebody will start talking.”

When I woke up from the darkness I was not the same. My strength and agility were at levels that I didn’t know were humanly possible. I could jump high scaled walls and have the strength lift a dumpster overtime. With nerves of steel I developed a knack for dead eye shooting. After spending a year training for my moment to seize my revenge I finally was ready to take it. There was always a dirty rumor that CEO of AWT, a local tv network, has ties to the White Supremes. Well it’s time to make him bleed out information.

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