I Can’t Handle Rejection Anymore

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Written by Marina Blocker

I can’t handle rejection any more so I play it safe and don’t even try to complete any sort of advancements in life. It could be that I’m depressed also. I have quite a lot of anxiety these days. I’m so traumatized by all the let downs and losses that occurred due to bad relations with people doing me wrong. You try your best to be a good person by

following all the rules but, still, in the end, you still are treated like crap . Why does one person go through so much? It is widely thought that it makes you stronger, but what if it make you weaker. Like if you been knocked out In the the ring so many times long enough that you can no longer take punch. That’s how life is, you continuing to take these punches and get back up every time . But what if you just stay down and can’t get back up from the blow. They say only the strong survive, but what if your just existing and not surviving .

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