What is black love?

Written by Johnny Mayo

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Ever since a child the meaning of black love was something that has been debated among many. In college, black love was always a conversation when a black couple showed affection in public with one another in the campus library during a study session. You can feel the jealousy in the air by the other black woman in the room who envied the “black love” that was displayed. Black love is sought after by many in the black community, but what is black love really? Is it a thought of just a black man and black women together? Or is it not just regulated to a heterosexual black couple? Can black love be in the LGBT community too? Can a black woman and another black women be in black

love. I never heard anyone say, “Look at that black woman showing that other black woman love. Now that’s some black love right there.” Maybe it is the fact that a lot of black people come out of an environment where black love never existed at home. Black people are more than 70 percent unlikely to be married in the United States. Even when there is a marriage there is a 42 percent chance it will end in divorce. While white people are about 67 percent likely to be married and experience divorce at a rate around 36 to 38 percent. Some will say black love exists because of the fact there are a lot of interracial marriages in America. That is unlikely because there are only 15 percent of couples who are in an interracial marriage and only a small portion of that number includes blacks. Why don’t white people go around saying, “Look at that nice couple kissing right there. Now that’s what I call white love.” Other than the fact it may come off as racists to someone else, there is a reason. Black love was created as a subconscious effect of slavery. For nearly 400 years the effect of slavery broke up black love. Regulated and separated black love. Black love was destroyed. If that is the true reason, than black love is a beautiful thing and we need to do everything we can do to preserve and protect it at all costs. The meaning of black love needs to be present in all media to remind us that it is possible and does exist in a world where black faces are hidden and not embraced. There are plenty of white family movies and shows that can be found with click of a remote. To find an all black family movie you would need to specify the word “black”. For instance “Alexa, play me a black family movie.” Alexa replies, “I found 55 movies with Bill Cosby as the star.” All jokes aside, black love has to be in the forefront as we move into a new era. The Obamas showed us 8 long years of black love that a new generation has grown up seeing and knowing it exists. We need to continue that tradition because black love is beautiful. Even when your wife eats all your snacks and leave you the crumbs. Please leave your comments below.


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